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Inspiring change through confidence

“I would recommend Danielle to anyone, she gives such great advice and I always felt inspired after meeting with her. Her techniques enabled me to gain perspective in meeting my objectives and I feel more confident as a result.”

Daisy Simonis – Oxford University Press

“I would recommend Danielle to anyone, she gives such great advice and I always felt inspired after meeting with her. Her techniques enabled me to gain perspective in meeting my objectives and I feel more confident as a result.”

Daisy Simonis – Oxford University Press

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Welcome, I’m Danielle!

Life presents us with challenges all the time, but it’s up to you if you accept them.  Before acceptance there is fear.  This will always be there, it has been for me.  It’s the feeling of the impossible task, that you’re not good enough or that you will fail.  To know the outcome, you have to take action and try.

I achieved my ambition to be a global manager in supply chain.  Over 14 years, my work took me to all corners of the UK, European and International destinations with brands such as Coca Cola, Tesco, Oxford University Press, Stanley Black & Decker and Panasonic.

At the start of my career I couldn’t have imagined the type of knowledge I would acquire and the experiences I’d have.  I won two industry accolades in just one year; Women in Logistics Women of the Year and the Everywoman DHL Award for Innovation and Sustainability.

I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities that have come my way, but I’m also deeply aware that if I hadn’t pushed myself over the boundaries of fear and grown into confidence those opportunities would never have manifested.  I certainly wouldn’t be inspiring people to change and achieve through learning confidence!

I’ve experienced fear with every challenge in my life and work, but I’ve learned to embrace it and use it positively. Now I’m the ever-evolving best version of myself, and you can be too!

If you want to make a difference to your life, if you crave authentic success, if you want to have a voice and be heard and one day say “I did that!” then it’s time to take action and grow into confidence.

ITOL accredited Coach and Trainer

Author of self help books; Confidence through Courage, I Have a Dream and Voice of the Soul

Are you ready to take action to grow into confidence?

Are you ready to take action to grow into confidence?


Danielle came to me at a difficult time in my life and I’m so glad she did. I was not in a good place, feeling very low and like I had lost myself a little. I didn’t know how I was going to find my way back to being ‘me’. I say she came to me because it almost felt like she was a Guardian Angel who found me at just the right moment – I desperately needed someone like Danielle to help me at that point in my life and that is exactly what she did. It was like it was meant to be!! Danielle truly has a gift for helping people and I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with her. I felt like she ‘got’ me and understood what I needed, she made me feel strong again and let me realise that it is ok to be me and to want to be happy. She is an incredibly positive force and made me feel like anything is achievable, something she has proved with all she has accomplished. She is extremely kind and caring, in a very genuine way – she keeps in regular contact with me and I know she will be there for me when I need her again.
I think everyone should see a life coach and I couldn’t recommend a better one than Danielle!! I consider myself very fortunate to have Danielle in my life and I look forward to feeling the gentle touch of her wings around me again in the future.

Jessica Anne Gooding

Danielle initially helped me to work out my strengths and values which I found extremely enlightening. Then with her support I was able to decide on some goals and plan the steps I needed to achieve these and make positive changes in my life. Danielle is a wonderful coach who easily makes you feel comfortable and confident to open up to. I found her positive and calm attitude very relaxing. I would recommend Danielle to anyone who is feeling a little lost in life and wants help focusing their thoughts and working out their goals and aims. I feel much more confident to go after my goals having spent time with Danielle.

Claire Cameron

In my meetings with Danielle, It’s easy to pick up on her positivity on life and for what the future can hold if you choose to take the positive path in life. Knowing Danielle for a number of years and seeing how she can transform lives and thought the process for the better, I will continue to have coaching with Danielle, she has made a positive impact on my thought process and outlook on different aspects. Thank you Danielle Drozd xx

Jennifer Harley-Morgan

Having Danielle as my coach was the most enriching experience I have ever had. She is the kind of coach who helped me with time management, planning and controlling pressure as well as helped me focus in order to find out what I want out of my personal and professional life to be successful in both.
Spending time with such a strong and successful woman gives me the strength to aim higher and try harder hoping that one day I will become as successful as her and in turn pass my knowledge and experience onto someone else.

Elodie Saupin

If your employ Danielle then expect to be challenged and inspired. Danielle was a pleasure to work with.

Craig Allen

Danielle’s energy and drive fills you will pure ambition to achieve anything you set your mind to. I learnt so much form her, prioritising my workload, understanding it’s OK to not ‘get it all done’ in one day and setting realistic targets which you can achieve. Danielle has a very calming vibe, which instantly makes you look at the bigger picture in work and life.

Kirsty Wareing

During my first meeting with Danielle, she very quickly understood my lack of direction without me having to explain a lot. She has an incredible emotional intelligence that senses the softer side of issues, the one that is definitely more difficult to explore. Combining this with her impressive professional experience, she managed to pick up my personality, my strengths, weaknesses, aspirations but also personal roadblocks very quickly.
Sometimes I feel that Danielle understands myself long before I understand and she then has the right words and questions to steer me in the right direction. She guided me through a structured thought process to highlight and then move towards my personal and professional objectives. However, I always valued that Danielle never pushed my thoughts in a particular direction or influenced the way I was thinking. By doing so, she has definitely played a role in making the decision to take on the offer from Aston Martin. I am very grateful for what she has taught me and am delighted that she will be with me for the next steps of my career.
Dear Danielle, THANK YOU for coaching me and guiding me towards understanding myself a little bit better.

Paula Lensch

Danielle has been a wonderful mentor. I found it very easy to discuss everything with her and she is a great listener. Going through her course has helped me focus and grow both personally and professionally.
I would recommend Danielle to anyone, she gives such great advice and I always felt inspired after meeting with her. Her techniques enabled me to gain perspective in meeting my objectives and I feel more confident as a result.
You are amazing Danielle, thank you very much!

Daisy Simonis

Danielle has been my greatest mentor to date. She helped motivate me when I was in a ‘career rut’.
Once I had finished my course with Danielle, I had gained a new perspective and left with a ‘can do’ attitude. She helped me find the confidence I had lacked for quite some time.
I thoroughly recommend Danielle to anyone looking for guidance in their career.

Amelia Kramer

Danielle is absolutely amazing. I found it very easy to speak with Danielle openly about my situation and completely trusted her professionalism.

The coaching was extremely useful and really helped me to look at things in a different light which was very refreshing and motivating. I would highly recommend Danielle to anyone.

Christina Makin

I had the pleasure of having a number of 1:1 coaching sessions with Danielle during a challenging time with a start-up which proved truly transformative and ensured I was heading in the right direction whilst utilising my strengths. Danielle’s techniques enabled me to step back and see my business with more clarity, vision and purpose. She also gave me the confidence to push myself and reach out to key influencers in my field, which has led to me gaining professional relationships with individuals I didn’t think possible at such an early stage. I would highly recommend Danielle to anyone who is wanting a change of direction and is seeking to make a difference. She is a great listener and a very effective coach.

Andy Walker