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Inspiring change through confidence

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Inspiring change through confidence

You’ve almost achieved your target for the year.  There is a quiet confidence that you will succeed in making it across the finish line and collect the bonus you’ve been focused on all year.  How do you feel?  I mean really feel?


It’s an amazing sense of achievement to meet or exceed your targets, but is the euphoria short lived?


The easy bit in life is achieving goals set by others.  To feel a real sense of victory you need to set your own life goals.


By uncovering your true values; which in fact unleashes your authentic self, will propel you to success in the areas that mean something to you.


By working with clients to get clarity on this, they have empowered themselves to make positive changes to their lives.  Here are some reasons why they took action towards success.


Clarity on today

It’s easy to be on the everyday escalator trying to live up to someone else’s view of success.  Until you step back and uncover how you really feel you can’t make the right changes.  It’s important to recognise if you are feeling unfulfilled, or that something is missing but you can’t quite identify it.  Coaching can unleash what you really feel in a safe, confidential environment.


Identification of self-motivators

Personal values are the biggest motivator that maintains the feeling of euphoria.  Within these values lies the vision of success.  The feeling of being happy can be taught, but it’s important to know what triggers the switch.  When you live by your values you live authentically and you feel success each day.  Many clients don’t know what these are, but with coaching these are set free.


Overcoming obstacles

Have you ever wondered why you keep putting something off that’s important to you?  There’s always tomorrow, or it wouldn’t work anyway.  Does that sound familiar?

The reason there’s no action, is because something is holding you back.  It’s a strength to recognize that there is an obstacle and extremely empowering to set about overcoming it.  Coaching conversation can unlock what the obstacles are and instill belief.  The resulting confidence turns into actions to overcome them.


Setting achievable goals

Quite often nothing gets done because the task seems to big, almost impossible.  In coaching I’m possible is believed.  Once the obstacles are overcome, it’s time to take action.  Before jumping in, as many of us like to do, it’s important to set goals.  Goals are only achievable if they are in line with your values, have broken down achievable tasks and are given a deadline.  A goal alone can be demotivating and feel like an attempt to climb Everest without any training.  The secret to success is in really understanding the steps required to achieve them.  When you have this clarity, they are a joy.


Personal cheerleader

In a coaching partnership, you are never alone.  You have a personal cheerleader to keep you accountable to your dreams, your goals.  A coach is there to motivate, encourage and act as a sounding board.  Coaches have varied backgrounds and so conversations can be inspirational for discovering new options and opportunities.  When further obstacles arise, they can be discussed and overcome.  It’s also an opportunity to recognize and celebrate success with someone who understands your journey.


Self-Love – an investment

I said the L word!  Why shouldn’t you love yourself? By investing in yourself, you empower yourself to grow and evolve.  Taking time out might seem like an impossible task.  When you make the effort to make time for coaching, you capitalize with the resultant action to success.  You become, I’m possible! You become more effective, you have more time, you become inspired, you have confidence in yourself.  In those things, what doesn’t shout success?


Coaching is extremely powerful.  As a result, I’ve personally made big life changes.  I’ve worked with clients and seen success come to life.  Now it’s your turn.  Don’t hold yourself back!  Take action now.


If you’d like to take action, feel free to contact me for a complimentary 30-minute clarity call, where we can talk about your particular situation.

Best wishes, Danielle