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Inspiring change through confidence

A Passionate Combination; Writing, Coaching and Wine!


Lately I’ve been talking a lot about passion asking “what ignites passion in you?”  The answer may have been “I have no idea” and that was so true for me when I asked myself that very question for the first time.


Just over four years ago, I felt lost.  I wasn’t sure who I was, what my talents were, whether I actually had any and what the meaning to my life was.  I knew there had to be a point to all of this.  Hope kept me pushing forward.  Such a beautiful word hope, it arouses a feeling of expectation, and anticipation of wanting something to happen.  With hope, there is fear, because you want to believe that which you dream of is possible, however at the same time not quite believing in it.  It’s a frustrating time especially if like me you are keen and motivated to push on forwards, however it’s difficult when you don’t have direction and lack in self-belief.


I changed my career path last year, moving away from my corporate world to a more passion centered one.  It wasn’t a light bulb moment, there was a gradual build to the change.  Over the years, I’d grown to understand my passions, I nurtured them and one day came this vision for my future and along with it, that sense of hope and intrepid fear.


Igniting Passion


Whilst I didn’t have a path I wanted to follow with all of my heart, I had a choice.  I could sit and wait for my path to reveal itself or I could make an effort to discover more about myself.  My decision was to explore.  Initially I was afraid because I had no idea what I would find and if I’d like it.  In myself I was unsettled and the only way to change this feeling was to be proactive and take my life into my own hands.


I started reading self-help books.  If I saw an advert for an activity I was drawn to, I’d sign up and try it.  In making my decision I became open to new possibilities and new experiences.  I learned to play golf, I dusted off my guitar, I took off to Florence for a wine tasting experience, I set up a wine tasting group, I experimented with cooking and accompanying the food with new wine, I started writing poetry and I began mentoring university students in their final year.  Some of those experiences lasted a season, like the guitar playing.  It was something I tried to learn in my teenage years, however I came to realize I enjoyed listening to others play more than actually trying to play.  Now I love finding gastro pubs with live acoustic music.  My biggest discovery was that I unleashed my creativity.  Notice unleash rather than found.  My creative side had always been there, but I’d ignored its voice.  As a child, I was extremely creative.  I’d draw, I’d sew and I’d write letters to my pen pals.  Unfortunately, as an adult I’d suppressed that side of myself which I learned contributed to my feelings of lack of fulfilment.


I was approached to be a mentor.  Initially I wondered how I could help, but I reflected back to when I was in my final year of university and how amazing it would have been to have received support and advice from someone who’d not only lived the experience, but had gone onto have a successful career.  I loved the experience.  My fears soon evaporated when I received regular feedback of change and improvement from my students.  Helping others and seeing their growth was and is one of my biggest passions.  It gives me such a sustained feeling of innate happiness.


My poetry writing stunned me.  I had no idea I had potential or even an ounce of passion about writing.  At school I didn’t think English language, particularly creative writing was a strength.  In my final high school year I wrote a story and it was very much from the heart.  It was about me and my high school crush.  I changed the names so that my teacher wouldn’t know, but I’m sure she did.  I’d never received such high praise.  I see now that writing from the heart is what I do best.  It’s therapeutic in a way, but if I can teach others through my words I get such a feeling of peace and happiness.


I’ve written about this life changing purposeful experience in my teaching memoir I Have a Dream.  A mixture of my passion for writing and mentoring gave me the courage and want to write it.  Each time I look at my book I see my journey and growth and it makes me happy indeed.  I took a chance on my life.



Taking a chance


My decision to try and find my path by finding myself was the best thing I ever did.  I feel sustained fulfilment and find happiness in what I do, whether it’s mentoring, listening to live acoustic music or trying a new wine.  These things are part of me and they bring out the best parts of me.  This mindset has remained with me and I’m open to trying new experiences, because you never know what new passions might evolve.  We are always changing and growing and with that come new discoveries.  Over time resilience to change becomes part of the process.  In fact, you welcome it because a kind of curiosity kicks in.


Fear is always there.  I’d like to say with my hand on heart that I don’t ever doubt, but I do because I’m human.  My personal challenge is to keep focusing on nurturing my belief, overcoming my fears and on keeping my passions ignited.  I know when I’m not ignited, because I feel flat, a lack of zest.  To lift myself up, I indulge in one of my passions.


How to find your passion.



The first steps realization.  This means that you have identified and acknowledge that you are not living a passionate life.  You feel a lack of fulfilment or generally unhappy.  You might even be bored with work or life in general.  This stage of realisation is so important because it will ignite cause, a want to change.  You can’t change and improve your life if you don’t want to.


Note down your interests

Make a note of the things you currently enjoy doing.  What do you enjoy that most people don’t even know about?  What are your interests or hobbies?  If you were given a surprise day off work, what would you do?  If you could star in your own TV show, what would it be about?

How many of the items on your list do you engage in every day?  Could you do more?  If the answer is yes, then find a way to incorporate more of these items into your day to day.  It may be that they feature after work at this initial stage.


Get Feedback

Ask your friends and family what they think your key passions are.  Sometimes it’s like we walk through life with a blindfold and we can’t quite see what everyone else sees.  Ask people who know you well personally, as potentially you may come across differently to work colleagues.  Ask colleagues what talent or skill they would happily pay you for.


Take action

Now you know your passions, how can you engage with them more?

What new things have you wanted to try?  Find where you can do it and book!

Start to notice how you feel the more you engage with your passions and discover new ones.


Working with your passions each day won’t transform your career overnight, however it will give you the foundations for real life changes.  You will start to think and feel differently and as a such you become open to new possibilities and adventures.  The unknown mixed with the feelings of hope make a different future really possible.  If you keep doing what you do now, nothing will change.  For change to come your way you need to ignite courage, your passion and nurture your belief.


Don’t delay and wait for change to find you.  Take action now!  Be the change you want to see, and become the best version of you that you know you can be!


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