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Inspiring change through confidence

A week ago I returned from an 8-day adventure in Bali.  They call it the island of the Gods where people smile.

Before I left, I wondered, could a place like that actually exist?  Can you imagine the village, town or city where you live to be full of happy, smiling people?

Bali was the paradise I’d hoped it would be.

People smile and exchange pleasantries, but they wait for your answer.  Nothing is too much trouble and there is no agenda.  The traffic is not for the faint hearted, but there is no stressful horn honking or exchange of expletives.  It’s calm and it’s present.

Bali felt like a spiritual place.  There were statues and floral offerings everywhere you looked.  People felt connected to a higher being.  They are happy with what they have.  Good things come to those who are good.  That’s karma.



Wrapped around many of the statues was a black and white chequered cloth.  The white representing good and the black bad.  This was a visual symbol of the choice we all have as human beings.  We can choose good or bad.

I felt this to be a powerful message.  We all have choices about everything.

Life can seem hard at times.  When I reflect on the lives of the many Balinese people I encountered, it made me grateful for my life.  I befriended a lady called Irma working at the hotel.  I was invited into her home.  It was a humbling experience to see what little they had, but how happy and welcoming her family was.  Irma said ‘in my house you are Queen’.


Each morning as Irma presented me with my cappuccino I’d receive some of her heartfelt wisdom.

We are all humans under one sun.’

‘God is everywhere and within everyone, I treat everyone like God’

‘Your mamma is God.  Unless you see and treat mamma as God you will not be happy’




These cappuccinos served with her erudite stories, were wonderful to hear.  I felt honoured to be hearing her life wisdom.  Here’s how I interpret Irma’s words.

‘We are all humans under one sun.’

We are from the same spiritual family, but spread out across the universe.  In essence we are no different.

‘God is everywhere and within everyone, I treat everyone like God’

It doesn’t matter who you are, or your rank.  Treating everyone like God, is treating people equally with love.

‘Your mamma is God.  Unless you see and treat mamma as God you will not be happy’

Don’t hold grudges with people, it will only hold you back from your desires.


I’ve returned home with these precious nuggets of wisdom that I, and we all can apply to our lives.

The underlying message here was love. That’s it!  Love is all we need.

Love is not just the romantic type; it can have many forms.  I’ve been guilty of this, chasing romantic love to make myself feel better.  In fact, all I wanted was to feel love.

By giving out our love to everyone we encounter in whatever capacity we can, we will be richer for it.  We will in turn feel love back.  I know that Irma will receive her good karma for sharing her loving wisdom with me.


I’m choosing to give love, by sharing my story and the things I’ve learned.  I’m dedicating my life to helping people to move forward.

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