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Inspiring change through confidence




Learning Packs

Confidence has the ability to change your life.

Without confidence, you risk living life without truly realising your true potential.

In this 22-page self-help guide, you will learn 9-techniques to help you grow in confidence now.

You will be empowered straight away to makes changes towards being the very best version of you.

Download now for £4.99

This achieve more through goal setting learning pack is a 17-page self-help guide full of steps to get clarity on your vision and dreams, and create an achievable set of goals towards tapping into greater fulfilment in your life. Each step is supported with guide notes and examples.

The pack navigates through 4 key stages:

  • Identifying your values
  • Knowing your dreams
  • Defining your goals
  • Making your goals achievable

As a result of working through these 4 stages, you will be able to set yourself realistic goals that you WANT to achieve and you will by definition achieve them.

Download now for £4.99

This fulfilment finder learning pack is a 13-page self-help guide full of steps to get clarity on your strengths and passions and lead you towards tapping into greater fulfilment. To feel happy, we need to feel fulfilled. Each step in the pack is supported with notes and examples.

When you work with your strengths and passions you feel energised and motivated, you keep pushing forward and growing in those areas. Being in this zone improves your confidence, attitude and gives you direction.

As a result, strengths and passions can change over time as we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone and try new things. You can use this pack again in the future as you continue to grow and develop.

Download now for £4.99

YouTube Videos

What Confidence can do for you

Learn what confidence is, how to get motivated and what’s stopping you from growing into confidence.

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I’m a guest with Diana Rickman on her podcast Your Emotionally Strong Life.

During this podcast I share:

  • How I took the leap of faith to leave my 9-5 corporate role.
  • My life changing journey.
  • How I wrote not one but three books.
  • The power of expanding your comfort zone to build an emotionally strong life.
  • Lots of great tips and advice for growing your own confidence, so grab a pen and paper and get ready to take action!

Your Emotionally Strong Life – Confidence Through Courage with Danielle Drozd.

I’m a guest with Heal Your Inner Good Girl guru, Nicola Humber.

During this podcast I share:

  • How finding a female mentor helped me to challenge the good girl behaviours that had been holding me back in a male-dominated industry.
  • The power of doing one small thing that scares you every day in growing your confidence.
  • The void you can experience when you know deep down you’re doing work that doesn’t ignite your soul.
  • How listening to my intuition led to me writing not one, but three books!
  • And the transformation and creativity that can come out of the darkest of times.

Heal Your Inner Good Girl with Danielle Drozd

Believe is the podcast of and was created to share knowledge and empower you to challenge the obstacles in your life and grab the future you desire.

Co-host John Rose and I embrace and discuss topical themes around life’s purpose and the journey towards fulfilment.

Each podcast is delivered with the intention to inspire, motivate and to empower you to take action in your life. Only YOU can make the changes you desire.

Join us on the Believe journey to greater fulfilment.

I’m a guest of Diana Rickman on The Emotional Freedom show and talk about the healing art of writing.

In the interview I discusses my 14 year award winning corporate career, my marriage breakdown and how I found my inner strength through writing.

A conversation with Danielle Drozd – The Healing Art Of Writing.