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Inspiring change through confidence

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Inspiring change through confidence

It’s safe to say that a few years ago I would have described myself as a control freak.  Everything had a time, a place and there was order.  When this wasn’t so, I’d be generally in a bad mood and I’d feel quite uncomfortable.  I’m happy to say things have changed.  I still like order, especially in the cupboards in my kitchen, but I’m more flexible about the lack of order in my life.

I’ve had a career that you could say was planned, however it wasn’t.  I actually just kept progressing by keeping myself open to opportunities being given to me.  Until recently I hadn’t realised this, I just thought I’d been lucky.

Out of no-where came an offer on the purchase of my home.  It wasn’t on the market for sale, and I had no idea of where I would move to.  Deep inside I was happy about this turn of events.  I’d thought about moving and making a change, but I hadn’t taken any action.  I accepted the offer and I felt okay with it.  There was no panic and no fear.  I had an inner knowing that everything would work out.  My meditation practice reinforced my thinking which instilled calmness.

There were two ways things could have gone.  I would find my perfect new home or I won’t.  This prospect might terrify you, especially the outcome of not finding my new home.  There are always options.  Calmness comes from understanding the worst-case scenario and knowing that you can handle it.


  • What was my worst-case scenario? I wouldn’t find a place to buy or rent.
  • What could I do in that case? I could move in with one of my friends?
  • Would they be okay with that? I’d have to ask to know the answer.


I had a back-up plan which allowed me to sleep at night.  The point I’m trying to make is that there are always choices.  You can choose option one or two, or you can take the path left or right.  Eventually you will get to where you need to be, so why worry unnecessarily about an unknown future?

My thinking process when faced with a dilemma:


  • Take a few long deep breaths. (very important!)
  • Contemplate the options available and how realistic they are.
  • Choose the preferred and take action (if necessary).
  • Assess if I need a back-up plan and take action (if necessary)
  • Look out for related opportunities.
  • Have the belief: I trust that the right thing will happen for my greater good.


The more you practice this process and instil the positive belief, the more your brain will process it automatically.  There are so many benefits of living stress free, so I urge you to try this whenever you are faced with such a situation.

This type of thinking was a real game changer for me as I used to worry about everything.  Now my head is so much lighter and I feel more confident when making decisions.  Your mind can have such a profound impact on your live and how you act.  Chose to let go and free yourself to new opportunities without stress.


Don’t delay!  Free yourself now and be the best version of you!

Best wishes,



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